Refer. Recruit. Reward.

What if you could earn tens of thousands of dollars in referral fee commissions, just by talking to your friends? It’s that simple with the NRT Sales Associate Referral Rewards Program.


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Here’s How It Works

Find a friend. Refer them to an NRT company and then wait for the extra cash to roll in. If that friend associates and makes sales, you can earn the equivalent of 2% of the recruited agent’s gross commission income per year on transactions that close during the two-year period following the recruited agent’s date of association. Better yet, beginning the third year, you’ll earn equal to 1% of the recruited sales agent’s gross commission income on all closed deals, as long as you both remain associated with an NRT company.

  • Guidelines

    Learn how you can earn unlimited referral fee commissions when you identify, recruit and register new agents.

  • FAQs

    Get all the details about the process of recruiting independent agents into the NRT family of companies.

  • Additional Program Info

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    See for complete terms and conditions which can be amended at any time. Some restrictions apply. See program guidelines for specifics. Participation in the program does not guarantee continued association with the Company and payments under this program shall cease upon disassociation for any reason. Company materials, programs or meetings that are not for compliance purposes are optional for your use as an independent agent affiliated with the Company. Your use is not required for your continued affiliation with the Company.